Hello, my name is Chad Williamson. I am an IUPUI alumnus with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science degree from Johns Hopkins University. I am currently employed as a Software Engineer.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Purdue University Indianapolis

Minor in Mathematics

Graduated with Distinction

GPA: 3.97


Email: chad@chadw.dev

Phone: (317) 500 - 0441





About Me

CV Traffic Signal Detection

A computer vision project that identifies traffic signals in a source video using binary thresholding, morphological filtering, and edge detection.


SIC/XE Assembler

Two-pass assembler for SIC/XE instructions. Supports functions, literals, and program blocks. Generates object code and text record file.


Edge Detection / Sobel-Feldman Operator

Image convolution using a 3x3 kernel to find horizontal and vertical derivatives, used for calculating an intensity gradient in horizontal and vertical directions. Edge detection is performed using gradient results.


C++ Game Engine

Game engine built in C++ using SDL. Implements collision detection, animated spritesheets, basic physics, and a fixed-length game loop.

C++ / SDL

Godot 2D Game

A 2D side-scrolling game written with GDScript. Has a full menu, multiple levels, and automated enemies. Compiled to run in an HTML5 Canvas element.


Godot 3D Game

A full-fledged 3D racing game. Written with GDScript, with meshes created in Blender, armature based animation, computer controlled racing opponents, a full racing display, a complete menu and four different tracks.


jQuery Form Validation

Sample form that validates all required data entry fields using jQuery.

JS / jQuery

JS Latitude/Longitude

Plots two indicators on a map from given input latitude / longitude, written in Javascript.


Fantasy Football Statistics Bot

Reads data from ESPN's Fantasy Football API v3, and then calculates interesting team and player metrics and posts them to Discord. Written in Python.


Matrix Chain Multiplier

Dynamically finds the optimal parenthetical ordering of matrices to minimize number of operations. Uses a finite state machine for input validation.


Cluster Analysis

Performs k-means clustering on 4000 NFL quarterback seasons and clusters based on touchdowns, yardage, and interceptions.


Lexicographic Tree

Constructs a cross reference index from a given text file using a binary search tree.


Warnsdorff's Heuristic

Solves the Knight's Tour problem using Warnsdorff's Heuristic, implemented with a linked list and a two-dimensional array.


Recursive Peak Finding in Logarithmic Time

Algorithmically finds the peak value in a given array in logarithmic time using a divide and conquer concept.


Huffman Encoding

Constructs a code table containing a binary Huffman code from a given input file, containing a set of ASCII characters and their corresponding frequency.


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